If you are a Service Business Owner, Coach or Consultant making at least $20k a month.... I'd love to talk with you to see how The EPE Method can help you scale past the 6-figure mark.

During This Free Strategy Session:

We'll go over your business

We'll go over the problems that you're facing

We'll put together a plan for how you can solve them  

Hi :) I'm Mary-Rose Hoja. 

I've solved the problems you're facing.

You are ready to break past 6 figures. 

In this strategy session, we will create a plan for you to scale your business past the 6-figure mark. 

Talk soon!

Here's what EPE method clients say:

Josh Lenn

"Life changing. 3x5 revenue increase in days - it goes really fast. Do it, you need it." 

Megan Davis

"I made my pre-EPE monthly sales level in 48 HOURS!"

Johanne Spjut

"It's like starting a new chapter in my life...working with Mary-Rose. Really robust marketing strategy."

I'd love to talk to you and make a plan for you to break past 6 figures